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Make your life easier with an organized home

Discover how to achieve the organized house of your dreams without wasting your time or exceed your budget.

Do you...

...love your home, but often feel tired or overwhelmed just by looking at it?

...dream of having a tidy and organized house, but don't even know where to start?

Are you constantly discovering duplicated items simply because you didn't know you had them?

Do you long to reorganize your kitchen or closet to look like one of those amazing Pinterest inspirations?

If you answered "yes", my sessions are for you!

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Kitchen pantry organization

then, my organization

sessions are for you!


A home organization session is a guided session with the goal of improving your home storage solutions and functionality for daily life. Not only we will focus on making your life easier with simple to maintain organization solutions, as we will also create a beautiful place that brings you peace and joy.


My service is flexible and 100% adaptable to what you are looking for and need. I run online sessions worldwide and presential sessions in Oslo. If you would like to have a presential session outside Oslo, it is also possible upon request.

All the sessions include a personalized project created according to your needs, goals and lifestyle.

Together we will:

Transform your home to help you in your daily life;

Organize your place in a easy way to maintain;

Transform your "regular" closet, pantry or whatever you need help with into a "dream area" without having to buy a brand new one or spend a lot of money;

Save money with better habits and more organization;

Get a comfortable and beautiful space that gives you peace;

Make sure you have more time for yourself;

Develop tactics to help the whole family keep your home tidy.

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Organizing your home: a journey that will change your life

Decluttering consists in the action of discard items that we no longer need or want. One of the principles of the KonMari philosophy is to be thankful for what things did for you. This way you will not feel guilty for letting things go when they are no longer useful for you or when they don't spark joy.

It is not about the number of possessions we have, it is about the joy they bring us. When we are surrounded by things we absolutely love, it is easier to create our cheerful place. You will dive into a personal introspection that will help you let go things of your past and be ready to embrace your future.

When we organize our home, we organize our thoughts. We imagine the lifestyle we want to have, the routines and rituals that bring us joy, that relax us and bring us comfort. In the end of this journey you will feel a different person: more focused, organized and in control.

About me

Hello, I'm Rita, and I believe that an organized home can bring immense joy and peace of mind. As the founder of My Cheerful Place, I offer both in-person and online home organizing sessions to help you create a functional and beautiful space. Whether you need professional guidance or a gentle nudge in the right direction, I'm here to assist you in any way possible.

Let's work together to create a home that sparks joy and reflects your personality!

Let's do this!

I can't wait to hear from you!


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